Journey 3 - Building Your Nonprofit for Longevity

The quality of your relationships will influence your fundraising success.


Tap into the Networks of your Tribe

Together (and in partnership with your Tribe), we will work together to develop a detailed Fundraising Action Plan that will strengthen your Individual Donor Base and therefore the sustainability of your organization.


01 — Help them See the Vision and Where they fit in

A Vision cannot be shared if it’s only in your head. Your Team needs to see the Vision, how they fit into it and how they can make it real. As your Nonprofit Coach, I will help facilitate this conversation.

02 — Know how much you need and what it will support

Before you can develop a Financial Sustainability Plan for your Nonprofit, you must first know how much you need to raise to support your work over time. Your Nonprofit Tribe cannot help you raise funds, if they don’t know how much you need and what it will support.

03 — Develop a Plan in Partnership with your Tribe

Now that your Tribe can see the Vision, is invested in it and is aware of how much is needed to make it real, we will develop a plan of execution that incorporates performance accountability.

04 — Acknowledge and Empower Your Tribe

Your Tribe believes in the mission of your organization and is invested in its success, but they still need to be acknowledged and empowered to keep moving forward. There will be challenges your Tribe will face along the way. Together, we’ll put resources in place to ensure you know how to support them through their challenges and lift them up when needed.

Individual Donors are a Nonprofit’s strongest asset.

Grow your Nonprofit’s supporters now.