Journey 1 — Dream Your Nonprofit

Combining your passion with proper guidance.


Making the Dream Real

The Nonprofit Vision that has been keeping you up at night will never go away. It’s time you ACT on it. As Nonprofit Visionaries, we tend to tell ourselves that we don’t have enough of what we need to get started and I’m here to tell you, you have everything you need to bring it to life.

Starting this process can be overwhelming, if you try to do it alone. As your Nonprofit Coach, I will walk you through bringing your Nonprofit Vision from a concept to reality.

We will Be Real. We will Have Fun. We will Get Results!


01 — Identifying Your Niche

Hundreds of Nonprofit Organizations are launched everyday and the majority of them fail to progress past the paperwork. There is nothing new under the sun, it’s about what you bring to it that will make your Nonprofit unique. I’ll help you identify your Niche, ensuring it aligns with your Vision and that it doesn’t duplicate the efforts of other established Nonprofits in your area.

02 — Creating Your Organization’s Plan

After you’ve identified your Niche, we’ll develop your Organization’s Plan. This includes your Vision, Mission, Goals, Budget, Programming, and Outcomes.

03 — Telling Your Organization’s Story

You may be passionate about the work of your Nonprofit, but you must be able to express why others should care and what you want them to do to help you. Together, we will develop messaging that will appeal to different audiences with the purpose of engaging funders, Board Members and other supporters.

04 — Making it Real

Now that you’re clear on your Niche, Organization’s Plan and Messaging, I can assist you with drafting/filing your Organizing Documents (Articles of Incorporation, EIN Number, 1023 Paperwork). I have templates of every document you’ll need for every aspect of your organization’s planning.

Someone’s life depends on your dream becoming real.

Get the guidance you need to change the world.